Accommodation and board

  1. Residential students have access to
    • Shared bedroom
    • Kitchen including cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery etc
    • Bathroom
    • Dojo

    All other rooms in the building are private and off limits unless allowed by special permission.

  2. Residential students may use the facilities specified in 1. above when not having private instruction.

Accident insurance

Students are required to have personal accident insurance. If necessary we can provide personal accident insurance in the form of temporary membership of the Komyokan Aikido Association for a fee of £10 payable in advance.

Training fees

Training fees must be agreed and paid at least one week in advance.


  1. In the case of cancellation by the student, if the scheduled training is cancelled prior to commencement, 70% of fees will be refunded. If the scheduled training has already commenced, no refund will be made.
  2. In the case of cancellation by Aikido Koteikan, a full refund of all outstanding training fees will be made.