The benefits of private tuition

For golf, tennis or any other non-team sport, taking a series of private lessons is a recognised method of rapidly raising one’s skill level. Aikido is no different:  Whether you are a complete beginner or an experience student,  personal, one-to-one tuition will almost certainly raise your ability and improve your understanding very quickly, much more so than attending normal aikido classes where a single instructor must share his time between the members of the class.

When you have a private lesson at the Koteikan dojo you receive the full attention of the highly experienced instructor one hundred percent of the time. You benefit from the instructor’s decades of practice and study, learning the essence of the art directly and obtaining a solid foundation for further progress.  There are no shortcuts to becoming proficient in aikido, or any other martial art for that matter – it takes many years of serious practice –  but personal tuition from an experienced teacher is certainly an enormous advantage.

Tne essential factor for learning aikido is having the opportunity to practice with an expert. You need to experience being thrown well, and how it feels to be attacked well. Only then do you get a real feel for its effectiveness and beauty.  With personal tuition both of these aspects of practice are covered thoroughly.

The dojo

IMG_1618The Koteikan dojo (practice hall) is a private, permanently matted room dedicated to aikido training. Unique in the North East, it provides a perfect environment for aikido practice. The Japanese-style dojo, unlike most aikido practice areas in sports centres, has an air of peaceful tranquillity, free of noisy distractions and ideal for serious study.