Situated in the North East of England, Aikido Koteikan provides opportunities for aikido students to live in the dojo building to study aikido and related practices. The dojo,  a converted chapel in a small country village, has sleeping accommodation, kitchen facilities and a bathroom for use by residential students.

  • Conservatory/TV Room

Intensive training periods vary from a few days to several weeks according to individual needs. Students can practise for as many hours as they wish or split their time between training and exploring the North-East of England, an area of the UK rich in beautiful countryside and beaches, castles and museums.

If you are already practising aikido you can benefit from advanced classes in kaeshi waza (counter techniques) weapons and other forms of training.

If English is not your first language you can also have English conversation classes. Alternatively, you can learn Russian, also with a native speaker.

You can also have an introduction to Tai Chi Push Hands exercises or learn a variation of a Chinese exercise sequence called Yi Jin Jing.

Personal tuition is delivered by Nick Waites, a senior 6th dan instructor of the Komyokan Aikido Association, an organisation that is recognised by the Aikido Foundation in Japan as providing high-quality instruction in Traditional Aikido.

Individual tuition is available throughout the day and the dojo can be used for extra private training if  required.